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© The Rooster Crows March 18 2023

Confusion often leads to questions especially about our climate. Some authoritative figures say that the industrial revolution and its pollution, namely CO2, is causing our planet’s destruction. According to historical charts, that may not be true. Might political parties use our climate as a way to confiscate our money?

Human civilizations started forming around 6,000 years ago. The industrial revolution began picking up steam around 1950 AD where, according to chart 1, is still one of the lowest points of CO2 levels compared to the Millions of years of Earth’s history.

Chart 1

Tell us what good things happen to humans and earth when we experience higher CO2 levels.

Political parties have been known to “take liberties” with the truth. Would they use any means, including using sea levels (drowning), to solidify reelection and raise taxes that benefit the companies they work for? According to Chart 2, Earth’s sea levels naturally rise and fall over the course of time.

Chart 2

CO2 and sea levels are always included in discussiins about earth’s changing climate. Our personal view can only span 100 years or less. When we see a slight change, we naturally take notice but perspective is everything.

The least heard argument concerning our planet’s climate is the acidity of our oceans. Some claim that higher C02 concentrations cause our ocean to become more acidic. But, what about the perspective? Over millions of years, depicted by chart 3, we can see that the acidity of our oceans is hanging tight with the acidity from Millions of years ago.

Chart 3

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The Roads Upon Which We Travel For Food

© The Rooster Crows March 8 2023

We budget our money at home for our family’s well-being. Extravagant purchases are made with only the authorization of the entire organization to inform those who will be financially responsible of the extra burden and possible reduction of luxuries or even necessities. The same respect should be shown between government and citizens who own the votes concerning our Roads.

Recently in the Indiana news , an inquiry by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR), an offshoot office of the Presidential Cabinet’s Department of Interior, concerning whether to build road crossing for animals, mainly deer, to save lobbying insurance companies an estimated $8 Billion every year.

The Department of Interior references a study completed by the Pew Charitable Trusts that notes the structures for wildlife crossings are costly. According to the study, 2 overpasses, 5 underpasses and 10.4 miles of wildlife fencing cost $10 Million in Grand County Colorado. In Trapper’s point Wyoming, 2 overpasses, 6 tunnels and 12 miles of wildlife fencing were approximate $12 Million. Expensive, to say the least.

Building road, especially bridges, is always expensive. Our National Highway Trust Fund managed by the Department of Transportation, a division of the Presidential Cabinet, has been showing the signs of a weak economy in recent years.

Late in 2021, Senators allocated more than $100 Billion to bail out the Highway Trust Fund used to smooth out the rough, pot-hole ridden roads on our way to the 9-5 Grind that causes billions of dollars of damage to our personal. In 2020 alone, The Fund paid out $15 Billion more than it took in with expectations of the deficit growing yearly. The Fund’s deficit has been accruing for more than a decade.

We expect our tax dollars to be used toward helping citizens and efficiently processing our dollars toward those programs that enhance the lives of all citizens, not corporations who make yearly contributions to political campaigns like Insurance companies who spent more than $125 Million in 2020 to sway political will.

If insurance companies want to save $8 billion per year, then insurance companies should fork out the cash to save that $8 Billion per year, not citizens.

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When you cant remember, it aint a memory! 😁

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© The Rooster Crows March 11 2023

Billions handed out to foreign EV companies while Americans Suffer. This time a German company planting its feet in South Carolina.

Scout Motors is a subsidiary of the German multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany who had a net income of $15.4 Billion in 2021. The brand Scout will be produced in South Carolina at the cost of all citizens but especially those living in the State and County giving Scout a $1.3 Billion package plus added benefits.

In order to attract a foreign owned $2 billion electric vehicle plant to Blythewood, South Carolina agreed spend $1.3 billion. The Scout Motors also will be given $400 million for site construction as a part of the $1.3 billion package. The deal even includes $16 Million in property acquisition (eminent domain) to connect to the railroad.

The state incentives come on top of:

  1. property tax break and other incentives offered by Richland County. (The company’s property would be assessed at a tax rate of 4%. Per the state Department of Revenue, manufacturing property in South Carolina is typically assessed at rates up to 10.5%. )
  2. The county incentives also include stipends for employees’ child care,
  3. The company also will be able get a further 50% tax break through making investments in infrastructure, a setup known as an infrastructure tax credit.
  4. Receive job development credits, which are awarded for the amount of investment the company will carry out and number of jobs it creates.

During the Obama administration, federal subsidies were being launched to promote electric vehicle expansion. Today, grant and loan programs are in place to promote manufacturing from state and federal programs to expand the availability of charging stations. Individuals can also get a $7,500 tax credit for purchasing a new electric vehicle or a $4,000 credit for a used one with more than $12, 000 credit for EVs made with Union workers.

Federal subsidies for electric vehicles increased to more than $750 Million in 2014. The Obama administration alone pledged $2.4 billion dollars in grants to support the manufacturing and development of electric cars and batteries. In 2021, government approved about US$2 billion in incentives. Michigan passed a US$1.5 billion bill in December 2021 that expanded state incentives, including for EV production.

Since 2002 the EV pioneer Tesla has received the most subsidies at US$2.5 billion. As of Feb 2022:

  1. Ford was next highest at US$1.5 billion, followed by
  2. GM at $1.1 billion.
  3. Fourth on the list is the start-up electric truck company Rivian, which is now set to received more than US$400 million from Georgia to build a new plant in the southern state…. As of Feb 2022.

As the top business owners such as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Ken Griffin warn of a coming recession in 2023 and layoffs become noticable by Tesla, General Motors, Walmart, and Goldman Sachs, our government Spends our money on the luxury ride of the rich.

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Sometimes being stubborn is dangerous.

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