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© The Rooster Crows March 17 2023

The difference between people who know they must protect their land to survive and those who don’t can easily be visualized by Venzuela’s socialist population and the colonist of the United States. One believes that they will be taken care of by someone in another land and the other believes they must correct wrongdoing and protect what is theirs.

“Venezuela is engulfed in a political and economic crisis which has led to more than seven million people leaving the country since 2015.”

American Revolutionary War, (1775-83), insurrection by which 13 of Great Britain ‘s North American colonies won political independence and went on to form the United States of America.”


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© The Rooster Crows March 12 2023

While families struggle with keeping food on the table and maintaining their 11 year old vehicle, our President’s plan is to give more and more of our hard earned tax dollars to foreigners and huge corporations through regulation and legislation.

According to Notebook, “representatives of VW and other potential EV battery makers met with European Commission officials last week in Brussels, and laid out their argumentation why they would be putting their Europe-based projects on hold in favor of the US. VW, in particular, calculated that it will receive up to US$10 billion from the US government over the IRA’s 10-year subsidy span.” The Financial Times and Marketwatch also reporting the $10 Billion subsidy.

The article goes on to say “The incentives include US$0.35/kWh of produced battery capacity, as well as a similar assembly subsidy. Analysts recently calculated that Tesla will be getting up to $3.5 billion annually… “

Unfortunately, this means an increase of Chinese imports for materials and further degradation of the people in Africa who have been reported to mine cobalt for EV batteries with their hands. China struck a $6. 5 Billion deal with the African government for mining rights. These deals between Africa and the Chinese were reportedly initiated by the investment firm of Hunter Biden.

Spending billions of tax dollars on new technology while USA citizens are struggling to meet basics needs and our national deficit grows is irresponsible. “Let them eat cake! “

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© The Rooster Crows March 11 2023

Billions handed out to foreign EV companies while Americans Suffer. This time a German company planting its feet in South Carolina.

Scout Motors is a subsidiary of the German multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany who had a net income of $15.4 Billion in 2021. The brand Scout will be produced in South Carolina at the cost of all citizens but especially those living in the State and County giving Scout a $1.3 Billion package plus added benefits.

In order to attract a foreign owned $2 billion electric vehicle plant to Blythewood, South Carolina agreed spend $1.3 billion. The Scout Motors also will be given $400 million for site construction as a part of the $1.3 billion package. The deal even includes $16 Million in property acquisition (eminent domain) to connect to the railroad.

The state incentives come on top of:

  1. property tax break and other incentives offered by Richland County. (The company’s property would be assessed at a tax rate of 4%. Per the state Department of Revenue, manufacturing property in South Carolina is typically assessed at rates up to 10.5%. )
  2. The county incentives also include stipends for employees’ child care,
  3. The company also will be able get a further 50% tax break through making investments in infrastructure, a setup known as an infrastructure tax credit.
  4. Receive job development credits, which are awarded for the amount of investment the company will carry out and number of jobs it creates.

During the Obama administration, federal subsidies were being launched to promote electric vehicle expansion. Today, grant and loan programs are in place to promote manufacturing from state and federal programs to expand the availability of charging stations. Individuals can also get a $7,500 tax credit for purchasing a new electric vehicle or a $4,000 credit for a used one with more than $12, 000 credit for EVs made with Union workers.

Federal subsidies for electric vehicles increased to more than $750 Million in 2014. The Obama administration alone pledged $2.4 billion dollars in grants to support the manufacturing and development of electric cars and batteries. In 2021, government approved about US$2 billion in incentives. Michigan passed a US$1.5 billion bill in December 2021 that expanded state incentives, including for EV production.

Since 2002 the EV pioneer Tesla has received the most subsidies at US$2.5 billion. As of Feb 2022:

  1. Ford was next highest at US$1.5 billion, followed by
  2. GM at $1.1 billion.
  3. Fourth on the list is the start-up electric truck company Rivian, which is now set to received more than US$400 million from Georgia to build a new plant in the southern state…. As of Feb 2022.

As the top business owners such as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Ken Griffin warn of a coming recession in 2023 and layoffs become noticable by Tesla, General Motors, Walmart, and Goldman Sachs, our government Spends our money on the luxury ride of the rich.

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© The Rooster Crows February 25 2023

According to Brittanica “regulation, in government, a rule or mechanism that limits, steers, or otherwise controls social behaviour.” Regulation is used to prevent or enhance business deals that prohibit the free market from determining who succeeds and who fails through discreet deals made with both Congress and authorities in control of Regulatory Agencies.

Congress passes many laws that have been written by the industry most interested in its passage for profit reasons. Once the law has been “lobbied” enough by industry, its passed and then sent to the appropriate Presidential Agency to be used in forming Regulations against their competitors.

Regulations are enforced under law drawn up by Congress. Congress does not approve regulations but there is always a 30 day comment period for citizens to voice their concerns.

The regulatory agencies are used to tax citizens indirectly and spend enormous amounts of money to prevent certain companies from succeeding and to help others that contribute campaign dollars.

Regulatory agencies, also known as the Presidents cabinet , are under the President’s control and have recently become tools used by the President and others in attempts to bypass Congress to create law. Agencies include regulators such as Department of the Treasury, Department of Transportation, and Department of Health and Human Services. Regulatory agencies are also lobbied by Corporations, not just Congress.

These regulatory economic scenarios to benefit certain companies can becoming very complicated. Simplifying the issue shows the true smell of a regulation.

A simple example: A coal stove company called Coal decides they aren’t selling enough stoves. They lobby for a law to be passed through Congress that allows Regulators to enact limits on the amount of gas that may be used on home stoves, an excessive tax for those who continue to use, and forces manufactures to only produce Coal stoves, not gas, to protect the environment. This very small regulation, among thousands filed every year, would put most gas stove manufacturers out of business and pads the Coal profit margin with a huge windfall. The process repeats starting with campaign contributions.

Regulations are Corporate Welfare.

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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Thursday announced that the Biden regime has greenlit an additional $10 billion in economic assistance for Ukraine. The total US economic and military aid that has been sent to the wartorn nation now surpasses $115 billion to $200 billion over the past year” Reported by the Post Millennial on February 23, 2023.

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, it would cost $20 billion to end homelessness in the United States.

What are we getting for our $200 Billion spent on another country by Biden?

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The amount of money that a person has in their pocket is their business, not yours!

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We were so happy to see Breibart announce the Firing, or unfunding of, the army of IRS agents hired by the Biden Administration. Bigger government is not the answer. More efficient government used correctly is our goal.

The United States Government is the largest employer in the world. The United States Federal Government has approximately 2,711,000 civilian employees.  

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© The Rooster Crows January 10 2023

Americans are infatuated with Fast Food joints. Instead of promoting healthy eating both at home and the doctors office that contributes to healthy bodies, we promote Junk food at McDonalds who had a $13 Billion profit for 2022 and Pills by Roche Swiss-based pharmaceutical with profits hovering at $50 Billion.

The problem that needs addressed is that we Promote unhealthy eating behavior, not the company’s profit. The profit reference is there to show just how many people fall for unhealthy eating or popping pills that results in health issues or to reduce overindulgence of Fatty Foods.

Politically, we pass laws to encourage pharmaceutical companies, even paying them outrageous amounts of taxpayer dollars. Pfizer, who reaped nearly $100 Billion from Covid, might as well be on our payroll receiving billions of taxpayer dollars yearly through contracts and then again through purchases of their pill products. Diet pill market is worth $2. 2 Billion Globally and rising fast.

The World Health Organization contributes more than 4 Million deaths to Obesity in 2017 and is blamed by the National Institutes of Health for other serious health problems such as asthma, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and many cancers.(1)

Obesity and its health related issues cost taxpayers billions. The estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the United States was nearly $173 billion in 2019 dollars. Medical costs for adults who had obesity were $1,861 higher than medical costs for people with healthy weight. (2) Lets positively associate healthy eating as a desired look instead of patting glutony on the back.

Our chain fast-food restaurants are guilty of pyschological warfare on addictive behaviors to sell their products. McDonald’s spent approximately $654 million U.S. dollars on advertising worldwide in 2020, up from $447 million the previous year. Its an unfair competition between will power and addiction to foods unhealthy for the human body.

We all have our weaknesses. Those weaknesses should never be encouraged. Understanding the situation, compassion for the person, and positive reinforcement of healthy behavior creates an atmosphere where humans want to improve.

Lets positively associate healthy eating as a desired look instead of patting glutony on the back.


(1) https//www.niehs.nih.gov/health/topics/conditions/obesity/index.cfm

(2) https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/adult.html

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© The Rooster Crows January 6 2023

Giving Illegal immigrants Healthcare under Obamacare paid for by taxpayers and taking away Healthcare at the same time from more than 15 Million Americans is THEFT.

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