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#Fortitude is the ability to endure #hardships knowing that the #reward for sucess will be worth the #effort.


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#socialism #taxation #poverty

Socialism works only for the rich. Its like a ponzi scheme that starts at high- middle class, reduces all others to poverty needing even the most basic supplies, and eventually consumes all but the extremely wealthy.

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Honesty with others and yourself is always the best policy, not always the easiest policy.

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Irony: Americans pay Trillions of dollars to the same manufacturers politicians propagandize as being evil monsters that pay no tax.

Ford, for example, has been taking taxpayer dollars for years, specifically 2008, 2014, and 2021. They have been in debt for years while claiming on advertisements to Americans that they never took a dime. Watch for those brand new $30 Billion plants in Kentucky and Tennessee built with Inflation Reduction Act tax dollars along with investor George Soros. As a side note, SK International, a South Korea company, partnered with Ford to build those plants.

Its not just the shady investors or the taxpayer dollars but the parts source for which citizens will be forced to buy overpriced transportation to work for that very same manufacturer. The USA procurement phones will be burning up the Chinese wires.

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The Menu

“The ending is the final course, and we do mean final, but Margo doesnt belong with this group and her love for cheeseburgers saves her soul as she pays her check and leaves, never receiving her change at a “no tipping… “

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Dear Puddintain: Where do you buy romance? My husband and I love each other dearly but the chaotic life of the 2020s with its never ending push to buy seems to have gotten in the way. Where do you buy romance? Signed, Hopelessly Passionate.

Dear Hopelessly Passionate,
Luckily, you can’t buy romance!
You can buy everything else, so it seems. However, as it has been since the beginning of time, romance comes from the heart.

Romance is a place where love grows.
Other places are (but not limited to) hope, dreams and understanding. Romance is the mystical one. Without romance, there could be no courtship, fondness or love.

We should be grateful for romance, it is also responsible for helping love grow along with familiarity. Buying something is sometimes used to show affection or appreciation and that can be contributed to and confused with romance. Definite signs of romance can be simple, such as the pulling out of a chair, opening a car door or even a peck on the neck. Romance cannot be bought because it is spawned within your heart.

You and your husband are lucky and blessed to have an undying love for each other. Most people only hope and dream of that. “Romance cannot be bought from a store, perhaps romance is quite a bit more!

So, Hopelessly Passionate, go grab your husband by the hand and go create romance.

Puddintain, Ask me again and I’ll tell ya the same.

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If there are 21 million registered voters in California and all were sent mail in ballots, how can the estimated remaining ballot count be 3,634,225 when there has only been 7,865,775 votes counted?

In 2020, “Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in June signed a law requiring county election officials to mail a ballot to all the state’s nearly 21 million registered voters for the November election.” https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/california-rejected-100000-mail-in-ballots-because-of-mistakes

According to the NBC news poll on November 15, 2022 @ 5PM, Alex Padilla INCUMBENT has received 4,765,526 votes and Mark Meuser has received 3,100,249. Supposedly, there are “68% of the expected votes in (Est. remaining 3,634,225). ” https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2022-elections/california-senate-results

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Dear Puddintain:

My husband used to talk to me alot. So much so, occassionally I would have to ask him to stop so that I could participate. Now, he barely talks at all. How do I get him to talk again? Signed Laryngitis

Dear Laryngitis: You obviously love your husband or you wouldn’t concern yourself with that. Not knowing your husband, I can only speculate. I would have to consider whether there have been any drastic changes in his life, aging, illness, depression, disappointment, tramatic or otherwise. These things will affect your attitude, drive, outlook, observation. Perhaps he has felt a bit distanced from you because of any of these. Just continue to do things that you both enjoy doing together and he’ll most likely come back around if that is his nature. As long as you have each other your concerns should only be Love, Life and Happiness! Keep bonding. Signed Puddintain. Ask me again and I’ll tell ya the same

If you would like to ask Puddintain a love question, send it to instaviewpoint@yahoo. Com

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Happy Halloween!

Today’s Theme: Pumpkins #photography #weather #jokes #facts #recipes #movies #morningvibes Photo of the Day Photo credit: Unknown Todays Weather              LaPorte Indiana              Happy Halloween! Good Morning! Today’s Theme: PumpkinsLaPorte Indiana weather for 10/31/2022:54°currently 59/42°high/low 0 mph windPrecipitation:  Umbrellas above with water droplets pounding on them all day. Today‘s Joke                     Sent to us by:  Margie R. Atlanta GA […]

Good Morning!  10/31/2022

#photography #weather #jokes #facts #recipes #movies #morningvibes

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How secure are our election computers?

Cartoon credit: R. Meke The Augusta Chronicle

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