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We, as individuals, have the right to our belongings be they real property, monetary, or personal belongings. This country was built upon that principle and continues today. The exception to that rule is the flagrant misuse of our tax dollars.

Trillions of Dollars are taken from our paychecks, checks issued to our treasury, and fines issued to provide our elected with the means to manage our national affairs. Unfortunately, those dollars are used through regulation, lobbying, economic development schemes, and legislation to enhance the profit margin of a corporation and broaden the pocketbook of a representative.

In very simple terms: We give our power to people who take our money in order to give it to corporations who in turn provide a means to transfer cash to those who do them favors in government positions.

Representatives are hired to manage basic needs of our nation. The business of business is to turn a profit. The business of government is to manage. When the two intertwine, they both become corrupt. Our government has no business in business affairs. The population is has the power to control who wins and who fails at business, not government.

Our answers do not lie in the pocket of our neighbors regardless of their wealth. Our answer is found in the pockets of Representatives; Senators, Congressmembers, Legislators



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© The Rooster Crows December 20 2022

Those who believe in Socialism/Capitalism highlight areas of our government that appear to be a socialist type of program. One of those is Bankruptcy where one reader pointed out that they, the Corporations, get to “keep their massive profits. “

Most people in the United States are aware of Bankruptcy both for individuals and corporate persons to finalize poor financial decisions. The scale is equal for all although, Bankruptcy is abused by both groups of persons. On the income side, Both groups of persons do get to keep their “massive” profits.

Our system is not flawed on the receiving end i. e. “Keep their massive profits”. Our system has problems with how corporations earn their profits. Through stocks, regulations and lobbying, corporations are able to push Congress to pass bills benefiting businesses that Congressmembers are invested in, regulate, and control through regulatory agencies, making those Corporations an extension of Congress. This is the issue that must be addressed to squash the Corporate hold on American Citizens.

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How could anyone believe that the taxpayers have money to throw at other countries or more social welfare programs when we have debt like this?

We can’t even live within our means, spending more than we make by $1.375 Trillion. That is one heck of a credit card!

Who receives the interest payments?

Japan is the largest holder with about $1.2 trillion in Treasury securities. Behind Japan, the four countries with the largest U.S. debt holdings are China at $967.8 billion, the U.K. at $615.4 billion, Luxembourg at $306.8 billion and the Cayman Islands at $300.4 billion. (1)

Allowing China to hold such large amounts of USA debt seems ironic. Didn’t we learn not to take favors from mafia style kids in elementary school?

(1) https://ticdata.treasury.gov/Publish/mfh.txt

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Career politicians know how to work the crowd. Amend the Constitution to add Congressional Term Limits. #termlimits

Lobbyists work the system buying Congressional votes to win a Bill in Congress that will pay their employer. #lobbyists

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They have you fighting over whether to “Tax the Rich” or “Blame the unskilled”. Government greed is not the fault of the rich or poor citizens of the United States. It’s Lobbyists!

Lobbyists pay Congressmembers, politicians through campaign donations in hopes that they will swing a vote in the Corporations favor that will provide a law that makes them money.

The easiest example of Lobbying for most to understand is Electric Vehicles. If Congress rules that citizens can no longer drive combustible engine cars and must switch to Electric Vehicles if they want to continue driving, that is a huge monetary windfall for Electric Vehicle manufacturers. Electric Vehicle manufactures hire lobbyists to wine and dine Congressmembers to vote a specific way on legislation.

While campaign donations to Politicians are one avenue of monetary gain between lobbyists and Congressmembers, another means is through Wallstreet. Same scenario, different monster.

Prevent the Windfall, Prevent the Crime.

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Our backup plan to remove Congressional Members does not exist. If they can rig an election, they can not be fired and rarely reprimanded for their actions.

#TermLimits #CongReSSFailed #politik

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House of Representative and Senate seats are up for election. VOTE!

According to Ballotpedia “A total of 469 seats in the U.S. Congress (34 Senate seats and all 435 House seats) are up for election on November 8, 2022. The seats of five of the six non-voting members of the U.S. House are up for election as well.”


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A Socialists Windfall

April 11 2022
By Kimberly Mann

When we legislate to take from certain businesses because they are doing well in the marketplace, we are legislating Socialism.

The ability to destroy businesses lay at the hand of Government by Executive Orders (shutting down pipelines), Regulations (preventing drilling and leasing), and buying from foreign lands.

The First District Representative Frank Mrvan is a CoSponsor of legislation HR 7009 that “amend(s) the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to establish a windfall profits excise tax on crude oil and to rebate the tax collected back to individual taxpayers, and for other purposes.”  The Bill appears to stipulate that the “rebate” would only be given to those who could use an IRS tax deduction, not a rebate to all who use gas. According Conservapedia, Frank Mrvan has voted in accordance “with Biden 100%” of the time.

The First District of Indiana USA includes Michigan City and 5 Townships of LaPorte County (Clinton, Coolspring, Dewey, New Durham, and Springfield)

There are 2 sponsors and 41 Co Sponsors for this Bill. Every single one of them are of the Democrat Party.

You may find the text of the Bill located here.

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Hook, Line, and Sinker

November 6 2021

By Kimberly Mann

It IS a Conspiracy.  When a group of people gather together to do something unlawful or harmful, it is legally called a conspiracy.   To hold a theory upon that conspiracy based upon information believed to be true is called a Conspiracy Theory. That is why we have RICO laws which includes Racketeering, “investing the proceeds of the pattern of racketeering activity into an enterprise.”  In addition, then those who use that conspiracy effort to further control those individual lives for their “masters of wealth” is slavery. A belief held in a person who is believed to be a conspiracy theorist is equivalent to those who hold a belief in certain medical information are called “Medical Theorist.”  It’s actually a compliment.

To exasperate that control, the masters then use their authoritative voice to tell the slaves to inject themselves with an experimental drug, yes, it is still an experiment regardless of who OK’s its use, for which more than 120,000,000 of the citizenry have natural immunity and the rest who do not necessarily believe your choice of medical treatment has to be my medical treatment is inhuman.  That, in and of itself, is a form of slavery to force medical choices upon others.

There are very few in the United States that do not believe the billionaires are instructing our Congress, our elected officials, how to vote.  Congress members spend your money to enrich the Rich, not the poor.  Lobbying with under the table deals made all the time as well as through other venue as well as the use of Non-profit organizations to “clean” their contributions.  It happens more in the corporate world that anyone could imagine in the United States and overseas.  That is the reason some people hate Trump. He is one of those “Billionaires.”  He was just honest enough to show you why you are poor. 

That’s what you don’t like about Trump. Although, I do give him credit for trying to tell people why they are slaves.  Your greed is as healthy as those who have used you as a ladder. Look at your possessions viewing “credit” and “loan” written all over them.  How many of those items were paid for through government subsidy?  Do you really have all that or does it really belong to “those Billionaires” through loans by Chase Bank or Blackrock?  He who lives in glass houses shalt not throw stones. 

A Constitutional Republic is not about providing for others.  It’s about providing for its citizens.  It’s not a democracy at home when Dad has the say about what kind of car you should drive, what medical treatment should or shouldn’t be used on your body, or force you to go without food in order to feed those who have not contributed to the savings account.  It’s not a democracy in the United States.

When citizens realize they need to stop telling and allowing Congress to spend more money, you will then have control of your purse strings.  Going out to dinner on Sunday at a fancy restaurant seems frivolous when your refrigerator remains empty the rest of the week before getting paid the next Friday.  That is how the United States Congress lives, very wealthy, because they know you are going to be there to do your work on their behalf in order to make them even richer because your material wants are greater than your moral needs.  They have you Hook, Line, and Sinker.

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