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© The Rooster Crows 29 May 2023

Our Representatives, all of them, are held to fiscal responsiblity of our tax dollars. Local, State, and Federal Officials are Responsible for frivolously spending our Country into Trillions of dollars of wasted debt that pays billions of tax dollars in interest to foreign countries like China. On Memorial Day, we question why our soldiers have fallen.

When we hear someone question how we spend our federal dollars, the response should always be:

Why are these projects putting us further and further in debt when we can barely scrape by with the enormous amount of taxes unvoluntarily taken from our paychecks, tacked on to purchases, and charged to our businesses?

The Balance

FY 2023 federal revenues aren’t enough to pay for spending. That creates a projected $918 billion budget deficit. The U.S. government’s total revenue is estimated to be $4.71 trillion for FY 2023. (1) “The nation’s debt-to-GDP ratio, which measures debt over a longer period of time relative to the economy’s size, was 121% last year (2022). That number could rise to 225% by 2050 under current policies, according to a Wharton School model.”

All of the Following Federal Expenses are More Important than You:

We spend nearly $1 Billion every year since 2009 on Bike trails but yet our roads that we use to travel to work fall apart and our Highway Fund is insolvent.(2)

2022 Federal spending bill included disenrolling 19 million American from Medicaid but yet Biden approved a waiver for illegal aliens to receive Obamacare. Most place a price tag of more than $18.5 Billion on illegal alien healthcare. (3)

Federal Economic Development Administrations (EDA) spend tens of billions of dollars, with one estimate as high as $95 billion annually. That $95 Billion benefits large corporations that make deals with Representatives and does not benefit the taxpayer. Most reports show that EDA dollars are wasted on businesses who would have made those business decisions regardless of incentives. (4)

NIH is funded with more than $45 Billion tax payer dollars yearly which delivers those tax dollars as grant money to private enterprises. In turn, those private corporations benefit monetarily from those research taxdollars and charge outrageous prices to the sick and poor for medical products that were developed with tax dollars.

Between 2013 and 2022 the average spending on farm subsidies was about 17.6 billion a year on average. (5) Very few of these subsidies reach small farmers who are struggling. “Almost all the commodity payments and crop insurance indemnities are going to millionaires and multimillionaires as measured by farm household net worth.” (6)

“Starting in 2010 the Federal government began offering tax credits upwards of $2,500 for the purchase of plug-in electric vehicles. The credit increases for higher kilowatts, maxing out at $7,500.” Benefits those who can afford a $50,000 brand new vehicle while taxing those who drive an 11 year old vehicle. This program entices citizens to buy Chinese technology that directly benefits China. Furthermore, “Federal R&D for “sustainable transportation,” mainly to reduce battery costs, averaging almost $700 million per year.” (7) That’s per year for more than 15 years.

Infrastructure Bill “The deal will invest $66 billion to ….expanding transit and rail networks across the country. ” Most are privately owned freight companies, handing billions of taxpayer dollars to rail freight companies who charge full price freight rates to citizens. The transit side of the bill buys EV buses which sends tax dollars to China. While sending business to China, here at home we are given through Biden’s infrastructure bill “a national per-mile road usage fee pilot program… “

2021 “Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the U.S. will pay the more than $200 million it owes to the World Health Organization (WHO) by the end of the month” In 2021, the USA gave WHO “$700 million. More than 65% of that sum was voluntary funding – money the USA donated on top of its annual membership dues.” (8) The World Health Organization is another division of the United Nations and directed repeated China’s lies, almost word for word, about Covid not being a human to human contaminant. (9)

“The Biden administration and the U.S. Congress have directed more than $75 billion in assistance to Ukraine.. ” while we are being invaded by foreign nationals at our southern border with one of the highest counts of illegal aliens crossing at nearly 5 million foreigners who have pledged allegiance to another flag. (10)

“The U.S. government contributed about $12.5 billion to the United Nations in 2021” (11) even though concern is growing about Chinese involvement. “Growing Chinese roles derives from the fact that four
of the 15 U.N. specialized agencies — the Food and
Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International
Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International
Telecommunications Union (ITU), and the United
Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) —
are now headed by Chinese nationals.” (12)

“In FY 2023, the Agency for International Development (USAID) had $49.35 Billion distributed among its 4 sub-components.” (13) USAID is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid and development assistance. Nearly $50 Billion of our tax dollars to foreigners while 37.9 million USA citizens people fell below the poverty line after paying taxes. (14)


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“Those who approve of illegal immigration, Please use a sign on your house that reads: Please feel free to enter and take what you want. “

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