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© The Rooster Crows March 20 2023

A lawsuit filed by the Mexican Government against American firearm manufacturers has to be one of the most ironic lawsuits in history.

The Mexican Government wants the United States to punish a legal manufacturer for the activities of a Mexican drug Cartel that kills hundreds of thousands of US citizens through illicit drug distribution, contributes to illegal aliens in USA, and kills an untold number of Mexicans.

Our rights under the 2nd Amendment to produce and acquire firearms is not up for debate with another country. Our Constitution belongs to the citizens of the USA and not foreign entities.

Mexico uses the policing theme of “hugs, not bullets” with their murder problem, their migration problem, and turns a blind eye to “friendly” crime within its borders.

According to the Guardian “The Mexican army has largely stopped fighting drug cartels here, instead soldiers guard the dividing lines between gang territories so they won’t invade each other’s turf – and turn a blind eye to the cartels’ illegal activities just a few hundred yards away.”


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Some economist love property taxes. Most citizens hate the thought of them. Afterall, when we purchase an item, especially land, its supposed to be ours without question.

Our system is set up to tax property owners for services we offer to citizens such as police, fire, with school charges usually topping the list. Interestingly, only 56% of first time homeowners had children in 2020 meaning 44% paid school taxes without using the school system.

How did we design this system:

By the end of the century (1900) thirty-three states had included uniformity clauses in new constitutions or had amended old ones to include the requirement that all property be taxed equally by value.”

How much is collected:

State and local governments collected a combined $3.5 trillion of general revenues in fiscal year 2019. Local governments collected $1.9 trillion in general revenues in 2019. In 2019 inflation adjusted-dollars, combined state and local general revenue increased from $1.2 trillion in 1977 to $3.5 trillion in 2019, or a 188 percent increase.. ” These numbers do not include Federal taxdollars which is estimated at 31% of local revenues.

Most local revenues, $1. 9 Trillion in 2019, mainly consist of property taxes and transfers (federal and state):

Tax revenue by category chart The Zebra.Com

How do we pay for education on a fair scale? How do we pay for services, including schools other than property tax? Is our system efficiently using property tax dollars? Should property taxes include forced financing of private corporate improvements (economic development/tax credits)?

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#animallover News :

© The Rooster Crows February 11,  2023

One of the worlds biggest and revered Dog shows, coming soon March 9-12th, 2023.  As a for handler who loves everything dog, this show is exciting to both attend and watch on television.


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August 29 2022

By Kimberly Mann

The USA has already discharged more than $25 Billion in predatory student loans as of June 2022.  When lenders loan upon illegal methods, the taxpayer doesnt pay.  The company responsible pays.

According to the Department of Education in June 2022: “Today’s action brings the total loan relief…. to $25 billion since January 2021.” This was part of the predatory lending that Corinth “engaged in widespread and pervasive misrepresentations related to a borrower’s employment prospects, including guarantees they would find a job. ”

The Biden adminstration is posturing to discharge $300 Billion more in students loans that were not part of any predatory lending scheme. This action, if found legal will land squarely upon taxpayers while credit companies, if commercially held federal loans are eligible, will have those loans repaid without question avoiding all bankruptcies negotiations of citizens.

The student loan discharge was a result of criminal activity. The current suggested loan discharge by the Biden Administration will be legally tested in the supreme court as was the vaccine mandates and eviction moratorium, both struck down. Three Strikes in the Supreme Court?

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In honor of high wages, outrageous inflation, and pending war, Labor day is just around the corner

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It has been said that if you allow a youngin’ to choose for himself, he’ll grab the first thing with shiny bells not knowing there’s a hook in it. Then it’s too late to save them.

Socialism has the same effect on the younger generation.

Get the Biden shirt !

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August 3 2022. By Kimberly Mann

Planting corn on farmland has been a farmer’s money crop for many years. Only in recent times have we begun to fight for the use of corn and farmland in energy production instead of food production, one of the three basic necessities of human life.

“It takes approximately 8 acres of land per megawatt of installed solar capacity and an average of 106 acres per megawatt of wind energy.” Congressman Tom Tiffany Farmers are being enticed with rental payments for solar nearing 5X that of crop production. We have not found any restrictions that prevent farmland owners from claiming conservation subsidies and rental payments from solar farm owners leasing the same land.

Taxpayers spent $9 Billion in corn subsidies in 2020 which included “conservation”: forgoing planting corn for environmental purposes and biomass: corn fuel which is another environmental program. Solar federal subsidies (taxpayer dollars) totaled more than $6 million in 2020 not including loans, state subsidies, local subsidies, and rebates. Economic Development dollars are also at work especially in the large commercial solar farms like the new 13,000 acre solar farm in Northwest Indiana. In December 2020, Congress passed an extension of the ITC, which provides a 26% tax credit for systems installed in 2020-2022, and 22% for systems installed in 2023.

“In the real world, compared to their contribution, wind and solar get 25 times the subsidies that nuclear gets and 50 times the subsidies that fossil fuels get.” according to Jeff Wallther. Solar only contributes 3% of USA Energy. Comparing land use of crop vs solar panels, most conservatives learn toward food production while liberals believe “renewable energy” panels are more important regardless of food shortages and high prices.

Using farmland for more “global warming ” projects at a time when global food supplies are tight does not make economical common sense. Corn exports have exceeded previous record highs in the past couple of years. Corn prices in the USA have climbed due to China paying high prices for corn imports from USA. China owns 80% of Solar panel production and has hoarded over 69% of the world’s corn. Corn prices also increase due to conservation, solar farming, and Biomass production.

Between 2010 and 2015, we subsidized wind and solar to the tune $39 Billion per year and extra Congressional appropriations such as $59 Billion in 2015 not including state and local subsidies to quiet the scream of climate alarmist who insist, without proof, that Solar is a better energy source even though it is produced by oil, causes significant wildlife habitat disturbances, toxic waste produced at end of cycle, mass of black panels trapping heat, alteration of earth sun exposure and moisture, acute runoff, migratory bird loss effect, and depends upon Chinese Rare Earth Metals to be manufactured.

Solar is only “cheap” while taxpayer dollars subsidizes the extravagant cost. When subsidies are removed, Solar power becomes a mountain too high to climb. Those who are taking advantage of all the rebates, tax credits, state refunds for solar installation only worsen the poverty problem in the USA in a moral superiority role of environmental Protection forcing others to pay for their energy phobias.

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July 21 2022

By Kimberly Mann

Farmers are leasing their land to solar farms developers instead of producing corn to feed the country’s livestock.

In Indiana, a 13,000 acre solar farm just broke ground in Starke County that was previously used to produce corn. The Indy Star reported “‘This is going to have major benefits,’ said Lisa Dan, the executive director of the Starke County Economic Development Foundation. ‘If we need to be known for something, I don’t mind being known as the solar capital of Indiana and beyond.'” (1)

According to greencoast.org, solar panels give off electromagnetic radiation which could be harmful to your health and cause other issues such as land erosion, loss of scenic vistas, and wildlife displacement. (2)

The Environmental Protection Agency chimed in stating “Hazardous waste testing on solar panels in the marketplace has indicated that different varieties of solar panels have different metals present in the semiconductor and solder. Some of these metals, like lead and cadmium, are harmful to human health and the environment at high levels.” (3)

Surprisingly, some farmers are considering use of farmland for dual purposes. They use the ground below the panels to grow crops and graze animals. Grow and glow?

1) https://www.indystar.com/story/news/environment/2021/11/09/indiana-solar-panel-farm-largest-united-states-doral-renewables-energy-mammoth-starke-county/8529759002/

2) https://greencoast.org/living-next-to-a-solar-farm/

3) https://www.epa.gov/hw/end-life-solar-panels-regulations-and-management#Are%20Solar%20Panels%20Hazardous%20Waste?

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Break those Pencils!

March 13 2022
By Kimberly Mann

Most of us grew up learning how to spend money.  We watched both of our parents work two jobs to buy cars, homes, and of course the toys that we wanted for Christmas.  Very few of us learned how to save money or live without it because we come from the greatest country in the world that loves luxury.

When we can figure 50% or more of our income goes directly to some type of tax, we need to understand that legislation is the reason our government has the ability to tax.  Its a law.

Legislation is used to regulate activities, authorize certain actions, supply resources such as funding, implement sanctions and permit or deny certain activities. Each of these legislative goals cost a tax payer.

Congressmen, State Legislators, and local Legislators have been brainwashed by the Public to believe we want them to “legislate.”  In turn, they pump out as many Bills (taxpayer money) as they can write that benefit the lobbyist who are hired by large corporations that make enormous profits off of the legislation written.  As a result, corporations donate large sums of money to Legislators to get them re-elected to do it all over again.

If our goal is to reduce our spending in order to reduce our taxing and increase our take home pay, we need to Break Those Pencils!  We should be insisting that Legislators find laws with unnecessary expenses and repeal them.  The more money in your pocket, the more likely of a chance they are re-elected.  Try brainwashing them with that for a change.

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