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While families struggle with keeping food on the table and maintaining their 11 year old vehicle, our President’s plan is to give more and more of our hard earned tax dollars to foreigners and huge corporations through regulation and legislation.

According to Notebook, “representatives of VW and other potential EV battery makers met with European Commission officials last week in Brussels, and laid out their argumentation why they would be putting their Europe-based projects on hold in favor of the US. VW, in particular, calculated that it will receive up to US$10 billion from the US government over the IRA’s 10-year subsidy span.” The Financial Times and Marketwatch also reporting the $10 Billion subsidy.

The article goes on to say “The incentives include US$0.35/kWh of produced battery capacity, as well as a similar assembly subsidy. Analysts recently calculated that Tesla will be getting up to $3.5 billion annually… “

Unfortunately, this means an increase of Chinese imports for materials and further degradation of the people in Africa who have been reported to mine cobalt for EV batteries with their hands. China struck a $6. 5 Billion deal with the African government for mining rights. These deals between Africa and the Chinese were reportedly initiated by the investment firm of Hunter Biden.

Spending billions of tax dollars on new technology while USA citizens are struggling to meet basics needs and our national deficit grows is irresponsible. “Let them eat cake! “


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Irony: Americans pay Trillions of dollars to the same manufacturers politicians propagandize as being evil monsters that pay no tax.

Ford, for example, has been taking taxpayer dollars for years, specifically 2008, 2014, and 2021. They have been in debt for years while claiming on advertisements to Americans that they never took a dime. Watch for those brand new $30 Billion plants in Kentucky and Tennessee built with Inflation Reduction Act tax dollars along with investor George Soros. As a side note, SK International, a South Korea company, partnered with Ford to build those plants.

Its not just the shady investors or the taxpayer dollars but the parts source for which citizens will be forced to buy overpriced transportation to work for that very same manufacturer. The USA procurement phones will be burning up the Chinese wires.

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Stockholders in America Financing Stock Company Ideas

Kimberly Mann
October 10 2021

Electric Vehicles(EV) are NOT environmentally sound!  Regardless whether you believe or disbelieve “climate change”, telling the world that EVs are the answer is the biggest lie you could ever tell.  The only vehicle that I’m aware of that produces ZERO emissions is a bicycle but then we need to account for CO2 during bicycle manufacturing.  Isn’t this really about financing someone’s idea of Cool paid for with taxpayer money.

We need to remember the University of Michigan Department of  Sustainable Worldwide Transportation’s report “China — which is winning all sorts of plaudits for its commitment to electric cars but is more dependent on coal — a plug-in generates the same CO2 as a 40 mpg car. In India, plug-ins are even less clean, emitting the same CO2 as a car that gets 35.7 mpg.” (1)

Boasting that an EV is cheaper and lasts as long as a combustible engine vehicle is another twist of the truth.  The price to charge your EV on the road is 30 cents per kwh and much higher for a “supercharge.”  Average gas price in 2020 was $2.17 a gallon with average MPG at 39. At 1000 miles each: $55.00 for gas, $75 for electric although a tad cheaper if you charge at home.  And that’s not anywhere near a Supercharge price for electric.  We also need to remember supply and demand.  As the demand for electricity goes up, so does the price.

The average age of a vehicle on the road in the United States is 11.8 years, that’s a gas powered vehicle considering less than 2% of vehicles on the road are EVs. Of those 2% on the road, about 1% is owned by government.  The average lifespan of an EV is between 3 and 8 years and that’s with the precaution of keeping the battery out of the heat (watch out Arizona), charging it only to 90%, and not allowing it to drain past 10%.  A Tesla Model S starts at $70,000 with an average at $55,600.  The average price of a new gas powered car in 2019 was about $37,000. Since the average US citizens are keeping their vehicle almost 12 years because of affordability, what is that individual to do when that extremely expensive battery says it’s time is up in less than 8 years when it’s needed for 11.8?

The EV’s batteries also increase our dependence on foreign materials.  According to the Institute for Energy Research, in 2019 Chinese chemical companies accounted for 80% of the world’s total output of raw materials for Electric batteries. With China producing more than 80% of today’s EV batteries along with gathering and holding mining rights in a whole host of countries such as Afghanistan, what will happen if China decides not to sell the US either materials or batteries when other countries are locked into contract to only sell to China or China is the only country allowed to drill in material rich countries?  It take manganese, cobalt, nickel, rare earth metals to make EV batteries.

“North America produced zero manganese and Ukraine is home to a small operation, but it’s not capable of producing feedstock for the battery supply.  Benchmark says while China only mines 6% of the globe’s manganese, it is this chemical refining step in the supply chain where China has the significant advantage, with 93% of production in 2019.” https://www.mining.com/chart-chinas-stanglehold-on-electric-car-battery-supply-chain/

Here is the plan according to the infrastructure bill of 2021.  We will conduct mining and recycling research (Yip, its in there)  with billions of taxpayer dollars.  If worrying about the planet is our utmost concern when dealing with EV’s, then our natural response to any mining or drilling in the United States for Rare Earth Metals would be off limits considering China is now considered by Sustainable Worldwide Transportation as deplorable in terms of CO2 emissions.  The infrastructure bill of 2021, pg 1418, provides $3 Billion for research and startup funds for EV Battery manufacturing plants in the United States even though the United States does not have access to most of the materials that are needed to make electric batteries sending the US into dependency to buy from the Chinese.

Electric Vehicles are not about “saving the planet”.  We already paid for Congress’ new EV cars back around 2010 when the then sitting President ordered them from Toyota along with battery charging stations for the Capitol workers. If the infrastructure bill passes Congress, we will be funding another $7.5 Billion for charging stations that EVs must have to power the batteries. There’s even money allocated that will probably go to Tesla because the company plans to open its charging stations to other manufacturer’s vehicles this year.  EVs are about taxpayers forking over the cash to monopolize the vehicle-with-electric-batteries market sending stocks into the trillions of dollars in profits to move further into faster and more convenient vehicles of future, not necessarily cleaner or cheaper.  But Hey, Coooool Ride Dude! Paid for with Our money!

If you want to save the planet, that’s a noble cause if it’s needed.  But don’t pretend to save the planet on the backs of American’s who pay enough taxes per year to put a roof over every head in the United States by exaggerating the benefits of a public company and forcing every citizen in the United States to invest in their Stock.

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