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As food prices soar…

Does this sound like a USDA benefit to farmers producing crops or does it sound like paying farmers not to produce crops?

Vilsack is The USDA Secretary commenting: “First of all, it’s going to go into existing programs; programs that farmers are acutely aware of and understand and appreciate. $8.45 billion of increased funding for EQUIP, $3.25 billion of increased funding for the Conservation Stewardship Program, $1.4 billion of increased resources for the agriculture Conservation Easement Program, $4.95 billion for the Regional Conservation Partnership Program, another billion dollars for Conservation Technical Assistance, $300 million for Conservation Technical Assistance focused on carbon sequestration, and additional resources for staffing at NRCS.”
Beyond conservation, the bill includes funding for biofuels, rural electric cooperatives, and more.” https://americanagnetwork.com/2022/08/vilsack-comments-on-inflation-reduction-act/


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