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© The Rooster Crows 10 April 2023

Since time was first recorded, humans have been a species of desire to better our individual surroundings first and our collective surroundings second. Only when there is an attempt to overtake a group of people through pretentious gifts in order to win political favor do humans even consider the social order of all before one.

Ramesses of Egypt, Alexander the Great of Greece, and Julius Caesar of Rome were all well known for their military might in the Era Before Christ (BC), political conquerors of the highest mark. Each and every one of them believed their world of luxury would never topple. They were some of the first of a very long line of human competitors who, in present day, are using a new found power by convincing their opponents that we are all equals.

Our ancestors took steps forward in our development through communication. In early years, guarded secrets would have included where a large cache of food was located. Food, and the hunting and foraging of, was the prime activity for hundreds of thousands of years compared to today’s human that shudders to see their food killed. Asking a child to find food without a modern day grocery store is like asking where to find the nearest alien being from Pluto.

The materialistic world you see before you today is a façade. The rock bottom of the Great Depression was caused by the collapse of the commercial banking system. The collapse of the dollar by means of unlimited government spending, inflation, that created a fictious social world has ripple effects through the economy causing a recession at best, open chaos at worst.

The real world still exists where survival is paramount. It is just temporarily hidden.
Every previous mighty conqueror, regardless of their method, failed when trying to force humans that foraged for their food (worked), support those who sat around the cave waiting to be served. While there are a few that one might feed before they feed themselves in starvation, the majority are not welcome to sustenance gathered for individual or family survival.

The fall of an economic system teaches humans that the world we live in is a competitive one where we are not equals but opponents in search of survival, just as every other animal on this planet lives. A Lion protects and feeds his Lioness to pass his genes on to future generations, not other Lions.

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At least once per week!

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While driving the backroads of Michigan, we came across an arts district in the south western part of the state. These chairs were gently placed on top of a garage against a building.

Chair Art

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There are times when food is so good, ya just gotta take a pic. Delicious Crumb Cake!

Hunger for the Crumb!

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This beautiful photo may be purchased @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/ianslingsby/14115803734/in/faves-planbeeltd/

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Geraniums are stunning summer flowers. During the winter in the Northern part of Indiana, we bring ours inside to enjoy their beauty all winter long!

Striking Greens

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Our love for nature. Winter holds beauty in small places. Bushes hold their beanches upright to catch earth’s cold version of water creating stunning, glittering balls of snow.

Snow Catcher

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A long cold winter can drag on but there are many beautiful and eye catching scenes that are only viewable during this time.


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Sandhill Cranes are very common during the fall season around Lake Michigan area. The bogs are very attractive to cranes for their amphibian wildlife.

The Bog

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