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Riding To A Place No One Wants To Go

February 26 2022
Kimberly Mann

Arguments over the more than $80 Million for the South Shore project in Michigan City Indiana  have erupted as they begin to lay the ground work for the double track construction with a 12 story building for housing and commercial development.

Many applaud the idea while others question the use of tax dollars on more commercial space while other commercial buildings sit vacant, luxury apartments in the middle of the city above noisy train tracks, tracks that lead to Chicago where many are afraid to travel, and the county’s ability to take care of current residents with housing issues.

In the link provided, (1) we have an idea for a solution to empty commercial space such as old malls.  Taking a lead from Chicago could be an answer to a small town eyesore where a mall is turned into businesses and a church.

1) https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct

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County Homeless Not Worth the Trouble

February 23 2022
Kimberly Mann

County assets sold at auction are required to be publicized. In 2020, the Commissioners “motioned to accept the designated newspapers for publications- LaPorte Herald Argus; Michigan City News Dispatch; and Westville Indicator..” The auction was not publicized in neither the LaPorte Herald Argus or the Michigan City News Dispatch. The idea of an auction is to bring in as many bidders as possible to obtain the best possible price.

The auction was only listed with the incorrect address of Zigler Rd, not State Road 2, in the Westville Indicator having a 1400 circulation in a county of over 110,000 people. To make matters worse, many people were afraid to congregate in February of 2020 for fear of contracting the touted “deadly” virus that locked down Wuhan China, a city of 11 million, and had spread to the rest of the world including confirmed cases in Chicago Illinois, only 50 miles from LaPorte Indiana.

The Commissioners and the County attorney, Shaw Friedman, were well aware of the insufficient publication issues as can be seen by their letter written just 4 months after the sale of the County Home to Indiana Enviromental Management concerning a Mining Permit problem:

“The ELJ found in favor of the County specifically and solely based on the fact that the LaPorte County MS4 withdrew its approval (paragraph 16). That withdrawal came in the form of your July 30, 2020, e-mail, written on behalf of Sheila Matias in her capacity as the MS4 Permit Operator. In looking at that e-mail, you cited four reasons for overriding the MS4 Coordinator’s approval: 1) inadequate publication; 2) deficiency in the notice; 3) commercial/residential description; and 4) waiver of a bond.”

private email TO Shaw Friedman concerning revocation of a LaPorte County Permit to a private Business.

Property taxes were to be a recouping mechanism for LaPorte County according to Mr. Friedman at the March 3, 2020 Commissioners meeting “the building will be privately held and on the tax rolls” Mr. Friedman said. But, a search on Beacon for property taxes paid shows no taxes paid and no taxes due for this property since February of 2020.

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The appeal for a government that provides for its population can overwhelm the common sense of the population.  Residents have the ability to build a nation that they wish to see grow but that ability must be modulated with insight and wisdom.  Our forefathers had something that we lack today, insight and a little bit of fortune telling about how to form a nation that will prosper instead of one that will conquer itself.  Our only savior is the power of the citizenry to instruct our government concerning our everyday lives

To produce a government that works for the all of the people, not against, we must stop begging to be divided into groups.  Good parental skills will prevent all types of racism whether it be the color of skin, the monetary value of a particular family, or the nationality of origin.  Going back to the basics of teaching respect for others simply because they are human will go a long way in prevention. It is not necessary to run study after study to find the cause.  We already know.  We need to address it head on. United we stand.

All of the businesses that our government now has its fingers in such as Medical, Infrastructure, Foreign aid, and Defense are all tools governments use to become wealthier and more powerful.  The more fields we delegate to our Representatives, the richer and larger the government becomes as can be seen by the mere employment numbers and ungodly amounts of money spent by our Congress to pay our Bills.  The largest employer in the world is the United States Government.

Our power has been lost through complacency in our own busy little world.  We have forgotten to address the most important part of our lives, our government that controls our money, our safety, our health, and our businesses.  Without control of our own wants as well as authority, governments will abuse their power and eventually control us through our own asking.  Our power must be taken back by voicing our concerns about these critical issues to prevent our government from becoming larger, our freedoms smaller, or there will be no voice to issue those concerns.

“If the misery of the poor be cause not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.” Charles Darwin

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