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After several federal judges knock down Biden’s $400 Billion student debt program, the democrat party and their symbol, Joe Biden, request again to reinstate a program that takes money out of hardworking American pockets and places it directly into a group of people who chose to take the path of expensive college loans.

On November 11, 2022, The federal court decided there was no reason to return the case to the Department of Education since the agency’s “misstep” in adopting the loan forgiveness program was “not correctible.” Rather, the DOE’s “complete usurpation of congressional authorization implicating the separation of powers required by the Constitution”

While we sympathize with those who have large loans, regardless of the reason, we are unable to side with college student loans against mortgages or any other personal loan. If we were to adhere to that type of executive power, only the “friends” of the President would succeed in financial matters. Socialism.


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Our Education system today.

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August 29 2022

By Kimberly Mann

The USA has already discharged more than $25 Billion in predatory student loans as of June 2022.  When lenders loan upon illegal methods, the taxpayer doesnt pay.  The company responsible pays.

According to the Department of Education in June 2022: “Today’s action brings the total loan relief…. to $25 billion since January 2021.” This was part of the predatory lending that Corinth “engaged in widespread and pervasive misrepresentations related to a borrower’s employment prospects, including guarantees they would find a job. ”

The Biden adminstration is posturing to discharge $300 Billion more in students loans that were not part of any predatory lending scheme. This action, if found legal will land squarely upon taxpayers while credit companies, if commercially held federal loans are eligible, will have those loans repaid without question avoiding all bankruptcies negotiations of citizens.

The student loan discharge was a result of criminal activity. The current suggested loan discharge by the Biden Administration will be legally tested in the supreme court as was the vaccine mandates and eviction moratorium, both struck down. Three Strikes in the Supreme Court?

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