A Monetary Foundation of Crime

April 27 2022

By Kimberly Mann

A well-known poor person, Jane, was walking in a dilapidated area of town where it was common to see many groups of people huddle together.  These groups were known for their homelessness and  criminal activity.  Jane was trying to get to work.  Her doctor advised her to start walking because she had recently put on a few extra pounds. Suddenly, the group surrounded Jane and took all of the money she had in her pockets, her credit cards and her jewelry.

The police blamed Jane and fined Jane for flaunting her obvious higher class status in front of people who needed her belongings.

This is the foundation upon which those who believe “Rich” people should be stripped of their excess cash and assets so others may benefit.

April 26 2022

By Kimberly Mann

Did you know that the people in the CBS murder map of the top deadliest US cities voted Democrat in the 2020 election, all 65 of them?

Some of the statisics were as high as 92.1% Democrat to 5.4% Republican. All 65 cities were Liberal with the top 10 being Very, Strongly, and Moderately Liberal on the Liberal to Conservative scale.

The top most deadliest city, according to CBS, was the “Strongly Liberal” Saint Louis MO with a population of 300,576. In the last presidential election, the people of Saint Louis voted 81.9% Democrat and 16% Republican.

April 25 2022

Kimberly Mann

You will find a recycling charge dancing across your tax bill.  Most people believe that property taxes should be eliminated. People are outraged that they are forced to pay a recycling business that many either do not use or do not need listed on their tax bill.

Whether you live in an apartment or own your own home, you pay a fee on your taxes to the curators who orchestrate the pickup of that little blue “Recycling can” every two weeks.   True recycling is conducted at your kitchen trash can and the products you buy, not at the blue barrel. 

Smart choices in products and packaging will produce a far greater effect on the environment than spending thousands upon thousand of gallons of fuel through pickup of those cans.  Elimination of those recycling cans would eliminate a monstrous CO2 emission, the very trucks that pick them up and then deliver their load to facilities that are often times more than 50 miles away.

Local governments are constantly asking citizens for more Tax money to beat the increasing cost of simply doing business.   Instead, our elected should be looking for ways to reduce spending and applying the taxes collected where it is needed most, such as raises for our hard working Emergency service personnel.

It is ironic that a recycling company paid through taxes to “save the environment” wouldn’t see the irony in producing a costly newsletter placed in a newspaper that must be purchased by taxpayers, again, to be informed about their recycling services. The paper wasted on the newsletter, the energy wasted on placing them in a newspaper, and the fuel expended to deliver that newsletter is in complete contrast to the purposes of recycling.

One trash truck produces approximately 401 tons of CO2 emissions yearly.

A Socialists Windfall

April 11 2022
By Kimberly Mann

When we legislate to take from certain businesses because they are doing well in the marketplace, we are legislating Socialism.

The ability to destroy businesses lay at the hand of Government by Executive Orders (shutting down pipelines), Regulations (preventing drilling and leasing), and buying from foreign lands.

The First District Representative Frank Mrvan is a CoSponsor of legislation HR 7009 that “amend(s) the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to establish a windfall profits excise tax on crude oil and to rebate the tax collected back to individual taxpayers, and for other purposes.”  The Bill appears to stipulate that the “rebate” would only be given to those who could use an IRS tax deduction, not a rebate to all who use gas. According Conservapedia, Frank Mrvan has voted in accordance “with Biden 100%” of the time.

The First District of Indiana USA includes Michigan City and 5 Townships of LaPorte County (Clinton, Coolspring, Dewey, New Durham, and Springfield)

There are 2 sponsors and 41 Co Sponsors for this Bill. Every single one of them are of the Democrat Party.

You may find the text of the Bill located here.

April 9 2022

By Kimberly Mann

While USA citizens import Chinese plastic products for toys and useless products that exploits Petroleum for manufacturing which increases gas prices, they import one of the three basic necessities of life, food; our corn, found in over 4000 items at a typical grocery store.

Food prices have hit record highs.  The original intent of U.S. farm subsidies was to provide economic stability to farmers during the Great Depression and ensure a steady domestic food supply for Americans.

To make the subject of subsidy easier, think of a subsidy like receiving a bonus from the Federal government because your paycheck didn’t cover the bills.

3% of farms are large corporate farms making more than $1 Million per year producing nearly half of all farm products produced.  In contrast, small family farms make less than $350,000 per year.  According to the Cato Institute, farmers of corn, soybeans, and wheat receive more than 70% of farm subsidies.  These are usually the largest farms in the 3% category.

The intent of subsidies is to prevent farmers from going bankrupt, not to enrich farmers who are making out like bandits. These corporate farmers (3%), more often than not, use the USA farmland (a limited resource), receive large subsidies and then export our grains to places like China where they are hoarding grains and inflating the world’s food prices. China imports more of our corn than any other country.

China’s stockpile went from 7 million metric tons to 22 million metric tons in 2020/2021.  By mid-2022, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, China will hold 69% of the world’s corn reserves, 60% of its rice and 51% of its wheat.

Even with these facts evident to Congress who has complete control over exports and “bonuses”  paid to corporate America, the money still flows into those open Corporate coffers.  The amount exported is expected to double this season. The effect export has on our food prices will be devastating.  

We can understand why exporting our food to feed other countries prevents our country from feeding our own people.  People may now understand why we have shortages.  Our Congress allows this, supports exporting our food, and then rewards corporate farmers for doing so.  

The United States citizens have been known for their generosity.  When that generosity is taken advantage of, people demand explanations and hold those responsible in contempt.  Government abuse of flaunting citizen’s hard earned tax dollars must end.

Shipping Corn: The uncounted Petroleum price increase.

Plastic, The Gas Guzzler

April 6 2022
By Kimberly Mann

Why aren’t we switching from plastic to a more “climate friendly” container that doesn’t use tons of petroleum?

Because the plastic product industry will be worth more than 750 Billion by 2027.

Dow Chemical is the largest plastic manufacturer in the world with major manufacturing facilities in China.

China is the leader of oil imports.  Imports of oil to China have reached 10 million barrels per day giving Russia a buyer that’s right next door.

Reducing our dependency on plastic products will go further than reducing our transportation dependency on petroleum. 

It’s all a game to move money into certain hands.

Manufacturing The Issues

April 2 2022

By Kimberly Mann

If we are to reduce our use of petroleum, should we encourage our products to be manufactured in our country?

If China has the majority of our manufacturers in their country to produce our products that will be shipped halfway around the world, shouldn’t we understand that the cost of petroleum to produce and ship that product is not only a “climate” issue but also petroleum and labor issues?

Doesnt it make sense to give manufacturers tax incentives from federal funds granted to states to build facilities to support citizens with work rather than welfare?

The American government is projected to spend approximately $10.3 trillion in 2021 welfare programs according to US welfare statistics.

Why are local governments building and promoting tourism such as hotels rather than working on rejuvenating our manufacturing and industrial businesses?

Mail Call

Mail Call

March 25 2022
By Kimberly Mann

It doesn’t matter if all of us want a new park, invest in Tesla, or beautify San Francisco.  We All pay for it.

Congress passed HR 123, HR1234, HR234,HR453, HR564,….

The bill came in the mail today.  Please pay your $90,000 by April 14, 2022 or China and George Soros will repossess your roads, government buildings, gold in Fort Knox, …..

Growing Pains

Growing Pains

March 24 2022
By Kimberly Mann

Our ancestors fought for our nation and survived many tribulations including the American Indian wars, war of Independence, Civil Wars, and Foreign wars to keep our country Free.  The birth of our nation and it’s many adolescent trials are accomplishments of life. 

Our goal is the same, Freedom. Nurturing that goal enhances our lives.  Always strive for freedom from government enslavement and refuse their temptations to create bitterness among the population.

The wonderful idea behind facts is that they can be corrected if information becomes available which is important in the highly “propagandized”, political news we are subjected to daily.

For instances, the $440 Billion in oil subsidies that are being used as a weapon against US oil companies in this Tweet. A subsidy is “a sum of money granted by the government or a public body to assist an industry or business so that the price of a commodity or service may remain low or competitive:”

The issue with this statement is that the $440 Billion in subsidies did not go to US oil companies according to International Energy Agency IEA.org. The $440 Billion is a total of subsidies by many different countries to their own country. (See chart) The information appears to have been extrapolated from the iea.org webpage.


An interesting point in the chart, the green areas represent subsidies for electricity.

The approximate subsidies for oil companies in 2015-16 was $10.5 Billion which includes tax deductions for certain intangible drilling, regulation relief subsidies, and relief for shipping in US waters. In relation to other expenditures, we just appropriated $13 Billion for a war in another country.

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